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Solution Focused Therapy

Solution focused therapy is also known as solution focused brief therapy and is one of the talking therapies, it is based on solution building. It explores client's resources they have to hand and their hopes for the future and aims to help clients to look forward and be able to use their own inner strength and resources to achieve the goals they want. It is about solution building and not problem solving.


What to expect from Solution focused therapy


Usually to start with sessions are weekly, however this often can change as the work continues. This style of therapy focuses on the client's strengths and possibilities aiming to help to move forward instead of focusing on the client's weakness or distress. Between the cliewnt and therapists clear and realisitic goals are set and it is the rold of the therapist to bring out solutions as to how to achieve these goals from the client.


Often solution focused therapist will ask specific questions to look at when times were different for the client. These kind of questions help the client to see the inner resources that they may have forgotten they had within them, it also helps the client to think differently about situations and to explore new options. Examples of these kind of questions include:


  • Can you tell me about the times you felt happiest?

  • What was it about that day that made it so good?

  • Can you tell me about a time when that problem was not present?


There can also be a focus on rating feelings and problems in order to understand when the problem is worst and when it feels less difficult, again with the aim of being able to help the client to unlock how to deal with specific issues and problems


Who is Solution focused therapy suitable for?

Solution focused therapy is usually short term therapy usually around eight sessions in total. It can be beneficial for people who have specific issues they would like to address and goals to be set and achieved. it can be helpful for a wide range of mental health and life difficulties. This style of thertapy is often integrated with other modalities in order to offer a tailored approach for each client. For more information feel free to call us.

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