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Please note that at as of January 10 2021 we are unable to offer any new appointments as all of our psychological therapists are fully booked. Please check back to see if we are able to offer new sessions in the near future


We welcome all enquiries on how we may be able to help, we are also happy to offer as much advice as possible regardless if you choose to see someone at Wokingham Psychology or not.


Our primary aim is to make sure that anyone suffering with any form of mental health related issue or life difficulty or knows someone who is can access some advice on possible ways of moving forward.


By Phone: 01189 680 900

You can call and speak to one of the team on 01189 680 900. If there is no reply please leave a message and you will be called back as soon as possible. Our team is empathetic and every call is treated in the strictest confidence.


By Email:


Some people find it easier to email than to talk about their situation, feel free to send us an email, if you would like us to call you back please remember to include a telephone number within the email.

Quick Enquiry Form

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By Post:


If you wish to write to us or if your GP wishes to send a referral letter by post, please use the address below:

Dr Christian Buckland
Wokingham Psychology
Woosehill Medical Centre,
Fernlea Drive
RG41 3DR


By Fax: 01189 680 916


Many GPs will want to send a referral letter when you initially see a Consultant Psychiatrist to ensure that they have all the medical background necessary to help with treatment. Please feel free to provide this fax number if your GP wishes to send a referral letter.


In An Emergency


In the event of emergency or if you feel you are in immediate crisis or danger please contact 999 or present at the A&E department at your local hospital. Please note that Wokingham Psychology does not offer a 24 hour service.


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