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Bi Polar Disorder

Bi polar disorder is a psychiatric and mental health condition that greatly impacts on our mood. In the past bi polar disorder was called manic depression as there would be periods of mania (feeling euphoric or high) as well as significant periods of depression. Some clinicians may refer to biploar disorder as manic depression or bipolar affective disorder.


It is important to remember that everyone has variations and changes in their mood, some days we feel good and others not so good or even unhappy, this does not necessarily mean that someone is suffering from bipolar disorder. In fact it can be quite difficult to diagnose this disorder and often a diagnosis can not be made on the first assessment. In order to be correctly diagnosed we believe the only professional who should make the diagosis is a Consultant Psychiatrist or GP. Psychologists, Psychotherapists and Counsellings help to treat bipolar disorder and if symptoms are not getting better will often recommend an assessment with a Psychiatrist to look at the situation from both a medical and psychological perspective and whether medicatyion may be helpful in the treatment.


Symptoms of bipolar disorder
  • Symptoms of depression (for more information on depression symptoms click here)

  • Manic or hypomanic episodes

  • Some people may experience psychotic symptoms (for more information on psychosis click here)


It is also important to note that while some people may find their manic or high episodes creative, exciting and a break from their depression for many they dread the popssibility they could become manic and live in fear of that occuring due to the consequences which can include excessive spending, entering into affairs, conducting more than usual behaviour that could be classed as risky.


If you are concerned about your mood we would recommend either calling us or speaking to your GP.


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